ACADEMIC: MSc in Chemical Engineering

TECHNICAL: Completed accordingly NACE courses in iran

- Coating Inspector Program Level II
- Iran Power Development Company (IPDC) Approved coating Inspector
- Iran Power and water Development Company (Ab niroo) Approved coating Inspector
primavera project planner
Windows XP, Ms Office 2007

Seven (7) years experience in Quality in Coating for Supervision and Inspection for pipelines, tanks and steel structure Coating, PU, Coal tar coating and High Solid Epoxy, Field joint coating and Coating involved in power and hydro power plant ,industry and Line pipe Coatings.

Familiar in Coating for pipeline and Blasting & Painting Specification such as API 5L2, ASTM, DIN, ISO, NACE, SHELL, AWWA and Swedish Standard, NACE and SSPC other’s client’s specification. Knowledge also in Inspection of Indoors/Outdoors blasting and painting systems and coordinate to manufacturer procedure specification for the compatibility of any coating/paint system.
- Familiar with Approved Governing Standards and Specifications (NACE, SSPC, ISO, ASTM, BS)
- Familiar with the Approved Quality and Inspection plan
- Conducted Blaster and Painter Qualification Tests and certified them
- Verification of Mill scale test certificates of materials,
- Verification of Technical data sheets compliance with the specification
- Visual Inspection of surface preparation
- Supervising the Coating/Painting Repair Activities
- Preparation of Weekly/Monthly Coating/Painting Repair Status
- Preparing Daily Coating/Painting Progress Report
- Prepare Daily Inspection Reports
- Preparation of final documentation
- Familiarized with Specialized Coating Techniques
- Issuance of NCRs for Violations found during inspection
- Verified required tools and equipments to be used are calibrated & properly tagged.
- Assess the condition of Atmosphere & Painting substrate
- Check the blasting pressure at nozzle by using Hypodermic needle gauge
- Inspection of surfaces after blasting (abrasive blast)
- Check surface profile by using Testex tape & Calibrated micrometer
- Check wet & dry film thickness & various standard adhesion tests
- Technical discussion with Paint manufacturer for day to day issues
- Prepared inspection reports, test results for client project update.

Company: Moshanir power engineering consultant, Iran

Position: Coating Inspector
Duration: February 2007 to now
Project: Projects under IPD, FP and IPWRD Companies of Iran

Duties included:
- Studying project specifications and getting familiar with project quality requirements.
- Conducting Final inspection of Above-Ground, Under-Ground piping, equipment for quality conformance prior to release for subsequent activities like insulation, backfilling, etc.
- Reviewing and making comments on contractor’s Painting/coating procedure based on project specification requirements and forwarding to PMT for approval.
- Reviewing and commenting contractor’s Inspection test plan based on approval of painting/coating procedures and forwarding to Project management team (PMT) for approval.
- Checking QC instruments/Equipments are calibrated as per projects QA procedures and availability of all the calibration certificates at site office.
- Verification and approval of contractors qualified QC inspectors for painting/coating inspection
- Conducting necessary Prequalification tests for paints, paint systems, Blasters, painters and making availability of necessary qualification certificates.
- Making necessary follow ups with contractors and subcontractors to take action against Quality NCR’s.
- Attending weekly quality meetings with client and contractors, subcontractor’s quality representative and solving project quality related problems.
- Coordinating with Contractors representative, painting/coating inspectors, subcontractor representative and paint manufacturer to solve regularly quality related issues/problems rising on site on time to time basis.
- Making follow ups and closing quality punch list points.
- Reviewing Final documents necessary for proper approval and acceptance of project quality.
- Taking timely actions to satisfy project management team, Project management consultants in QA/QC related issues.
- Making arrangements for necessary Material Verification & Traceability, of painting/coating materials and availability of Batch and test certificates.
- Good knowledge in Reviewing/commenting Painting Inspection & Test Plan (ITP), Painting Procedure, Inspection Formats/Checklist and also Repair
- Verify the materials specifications against drawings and piping line class
- Carry-out receiving inspection of painting materials
- Monitor the storage conditions and material control
- Inspection of Surface preparation
- Inspection of coating and monitoring the application sequence
- Monitoring the paint mixing
- Final inspection on colour code and identification marking
- To prepare the inspection reports and get endorsement for inspection department
- To ensure contract compliance particularly in the areas of quality and inspection work face and Monitor the painting activity/ progress
- Coordinate with Company on daily Inspection Activities
- Familiar with the Inspection Tools/Equipment such as Holiday Detector, Elcometer DFT Gauge, Elcometer R.H. / Dew Point Temp. Gauge, Wet Combs (set), Inspection Mirror, Surface Profile Tester, Whirling Hygrometer, Dew Point & R.H. Calculation Slide Rule, Elcometer Surface Adhesion Equipment, Ultrasonic D-Meter, Steel Temperature Gauge
- Conducting Final inspection of piping, equipment for quality conformance prior to release for subsequent activities like insulation, erection, etc.
- Good knowledge in Reviewing/commenting Painting Inspection & Test Plan (ITP), Painting Procedure, Inspection Formats/Checklist and also Repair Procedure.
- Prepare the Materials Submittals for approval
- Carry-out receiving inspection of hot & cold insulation materials
- Monitor the storage conditions of hot & cold insulation materials
- Monitoring of material & consumable control
- Inspection of surface preparation
- Inspection of Cold & hot Insulation material laying
- Verifying the thickness and sequence of insulation
- Inspection of insulation cladding and fasteners
- Preparation of Inspection reports
- Monitoring of disposal of insulation materials

Self motivated, confident & hardworking.

- Different Method of Surface Preparation and Cleanliness Testing.
- Atmospheric Monitoring and Safety meter.
- Water-soluble ferrous salt Qualitative & Quantitative test.
- Coating Integrity with Type-1 pull-off gauge,Type-2 Electromagnetic & Eddy-current Gauge.
- Pull-off Strength of Coatings Using Adhesion Tester.
- Discontinuity testing by Using Holiday Machine (Low voltage and high Voltage).
- Metrology & Measurement.

Present function:
Overall responsibility of project from planning stage to execution
and as well as of turnover, preparing various monthly reports.

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